Where To Buy

Before you scroll down to our dealers and installers list – below are few points we thought to share with you- 

Technet brands, products and solutions are sold by trained dealers and authorised system integrator / installers.

Why Do I Need A Dealer / Installer?

As distributors, Technet only work through Dealers and Installers.

The Technet / PRO AV Dealers will listen carefully to understand your applications needs and together you’ll be able to design the system of your choice.
Our Installers and Dealers will establish a solid foundation that works for what you want today and one that is ready and adaptable for what you may want/need in the future.

Many of our customers maintain longstanding relationships with their Dealers—turning to them to add more upgrades and automation to the solutions purchased over time.

*However – the Technet team can also carry out free site surveys and design a solution for any client, but thereafter the design and BOQ shall be allocated to one or more selected Installers/Dealers to quote and handle the sale process.

How to Select The Right Dealer?

There is no universally right or wrong Dealer/Installer for anyone.

Your friends may have a PRO AV system in their office that might be exactly what you want, but that doesn’t mean your applications are the same or that their dealer works for you.
If you have a number of authorised dealers, don’t be afraid to get quotes from several dealers / installers and meet with each one to review their proposals as well as their portfolio of solutions previously installed.